At the confluence of the racism, sexism, classism, xenophobia, and gun violence that persist in the U.S. and globally, lies a tragedy that reminds us of our kindred struggles – none of us are free until all of us are free. 

On March 16, in the Atlanta area, we witnessed the calculated targeting and racist mass murder of Asian women at their workplaces. Although fueled by Trump and the constellation of media and white supremacist forces that he represents, this horrifying violence is directly connected to the same anti-Black violence and rising threat of fascism that social movements in the South have been working to disrupt and defend against for decades.

We stand in solidarity with the families of the people killed, the Asian communities in Atlanta and across the South, and the organizations that renew our shared commitment to protect our people.

"Whenever people are killed senselessly it's a tragedy. When those killings are part of a wider campaign of white supremacy and hate being perpetuated by those in power with genocidal intentions for us all, this tragedy is compounded. As people who know from our lived experience what racial, gender and economic violence feels like and as an organization rooted in the Black Radical Traditions of the U.S. South, I think we have an extraordinary responsibility to show solidarity in moments like this. I wish there was more as an organization we could do today in response to this violence and all the other violence we have been experiencing over this last year - from Rayshard Brooks in our neighborhood to the many other examples we have witnessed and lamented in this country and globally. However, I believe in my heart that the work we are all engaged in will put us in an increasing position to work with our partners to build a movement with the power to defend our people and build liberation in our communities." 

- Emery Wright, Project South Co-Director (Listen to audio statement here.)


In these moments, when it feels like we are up against an insurmountable and heartbreaking enemy, let us stay connected.

Let us connect to our shared history:
Collaborations between the Black and Asian communities have been critical to international movement building -

Let us connect to the radical history of Asian Americans:
Read and share one of the most in-depth historical timelines developed by our partners at ChangeLab -

Let us connect to collective understanding: 
Investigate the current trends of COVID era racism rooted in racist scapegoating of Asians during times of crisis

Let us connect to organizations fighting on the frontlines of anti-Asian violence, sex worker rights, and rising fascism:

Let us connect to one another: 
Talk to your people. Our partners at the Design Studio for Social Intervention make the case for responding to "social emergencies" with a set of procedures that include gathering our folks, connecting to our collective truth, recognizing the big picture, and taking action. Read the whole piece here.

Let us connect to action:
The Southern Movement Assembly is calling on communities to take actions that #HearThePeople on April 10 as a culmination of The People's First 100 Days. Commit to organizing a public, creative action that names what community safety needs to look like in a time of rising state and social violence.

We appreciate your support in this continued fight for freedom.


The Project South Team


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